• Understanding the codes: International Plumbing Code. Uniform Plumbing code- National Standard plumbing Code National Building Code of India
  • Plumbing fundamentals
  • Plumbing fixtures Application Working
  • Water Supply system: Direct and indirect supply system- DWV. Singe stack Double stack system- Municipal sewerage system SIP
  • Pipes: Types- Application Material significance
  • Tank systems Sump tank- Overhead tark- Flush tank
  • Pump laws- Pumping main riser Booster pumps- Pumps in series and parallel
  • Pump head calculators Static and dynamic head-Reading pump curves
  • Pipe sizing by various methods as per standards and practices
  • Building drainage systems: Waste and Vent pipes design- Single stack and Double stack system Septic tank- Percolation trenches and pits
  • Pressurized water supply system- Auto pneumatic system design

  • Valves- Supply Fittings- Drainage Fittings Vent fittings
  • Hydraulic calculations- Reynolds number- Darcy's formula- Chezy's formula- Hazen Wiliam equation- Box formula- plumbers chart
  • Hot and cold water distribution: Water demand estimation by various standards- Hot water estimate lot water piping and insulation Heater capacity calculation
  • High rise building plumbing design: Ring main or terrace loop sang Gravity down comers- PRV. Flushing loop- Mezzanine floor- Booster plumps » STP
  • Storm water management- Rain water drainage Roof drain- Gutter pipe sizing Wind effects on roof drian
  • Landscaping. Garden irrigation and Fountain systems
  • Swimming pool design-Hot water and cold water pools


  • Basic
  • Introduction to AutoCAL) Commands of AutoCAD and familiarization
  • Reading Architectural Structural & RC plans (Plan- Elevation section)
  • Fixture placements
  • Plan- Elevation- Sectional Drawings
  • Site Plan
  • Legends for sanitary appliances faucet Valves & Fixtures
  • Single line drawing- Double line drawing
  • Shop Drawing- isometric Drawing
  • Riser diagrams
  • Municipality sewer leve
  • Working with natural slopes
The fire is the most life threatening hazard generally a building would face so FIRE FIGHTING facility is a necessity There are mandatory guidelines for the safety of the building for the occupants set by Governments and other technical agencies. We Refer. NFPA- NFPA- UWL


  • Introduction to MEPA Fire Fighting- Role of Fire Fighting Engineers Fundamental of Fluid mechanics- Basics of Hydraulics- Analyzing ire Building codes
  • Sprinkler types Principle. Application- Sprinkler pipe sizing Down comer. Wet & Dry Risers Valves & pipe fitting
  • Gas & Foam extinguishers- FM 200 design Fire extinguishers- Principle. Application- Selection- Placements Precautions
  • Fire hose reel system- Principle- Application- Components-Rise selection- Pumps selection
  • Yard Hydrant- Principle Application- Design
  • Hydraulic calculation- Pipe sizing- Pump Selection- Guidelines
  • Pumps: Jockey, Main & Diesel pump selection and pump room design
  • Fire & Smoke detector systems Principle Application- Placement
  • Documentation: BOQ- Scheduling Reports


  • Basic of Draughting
  • Introduction to AutoCAD- Commands of AutoCAD and familiarization
  • Reading Architectural- Structural & RC plans (Plan- Elevation- section)
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Riser diagrams
  • Yard Hydrant systems Fire & Smoke detector systems
  • Site Plan
  • Single line drawing- Double line drawing
  • Shop Drawing- Isometric Drawing
  • Plan- Elevation- Sectional Drawings