MEP course in kerala | MEP course in kozhikode

  • Introduction to MEP. Basics- introduction to Electrical Engineering, Understanding the client's needs- Identifying the codes and standards- Software's complying to the code
  • Basics of Electrical- Fundamental theories of Electrical Concept of Voltage- Current Power- PFete. and its measuring devices
  • Basics of building architectural components Types of ighn & luminaries advanced parameters of lights Lightrg design (Manual- RELLIX) Eahaust fan selection and considerations Common area calculations. Crat creation Classification- Making raits- Points and power in circuits
  • Load schedule- Phase detribution Load Cistribution schedule Cables- Types of cables Sheathing and armor Cable sining for all systems by IS & 1IS Voltage drop calculations by BS & 6 Induntral wire sizing methods (Marual 8Software) Conduit types- Condut rouding Condut sizing

  • Cabler trunks- Cable trey type- Applicatiansiing
  • Single line diagram preparation
  • Crut breaker types- Working Rated current cakculation-Breaking capacity (Short orcuit analyas)- Intentional time delay - Protection system design
  • ELCB working & selection Grout protection conductor sizing un Harsing Panel Selection Transformer principles Benefits. Compensation requirement calculation Capacitor hark ACB selection
  • Electrical parameters measuring devices- selection and placement
  • Earthing types and design Open ares ntmation DLUM RING O FIDE FICUTING


  • Equipment's setting (AutoCAD 2D)
    • Light loads such as lights, fan
    • Power Loads such as Power sockets, A/C
  • Load Calculation(Manual) -Number of Lights, Fans
    • Load Calculation(Relux)
    • Importing CAD file in Relux
    • LUX calculation
  • Circuit Wiring (Switch Board)
    • Connecting loads to Switches
    • I way and 2 way switches.
  • Load Scheduling(Using Excel)
    • Phase Distribution
    • Balancing Phase Wiring RYB Phase
    • Connecting Phase Wires to Loads
  • Selection of Circuit Breakers
    • M.C.B -M.C.C.B -E.L.C.B -R.C.C.B
  • Distribution Boards
    • Setting LDB's
    • Setting PDB's
    • Setting MSB's
  • Selection of Transformer
    • Calculating Total Connected Load
    • Selecting Transformer
  • Selection of Generator
    • Calculating Total Connected Load
    • Selecting Generator From Standard Ratings
  • Basics
  • Introduction to AutoCAD- Commands of AutoCAD and familiarization
  • Lighting circuit layouts- Power circuit layout- Earthing layout
  • Conduit routing- Cable tray- Trunk routing
  • Single line diagram - Reading Architectural- Structural & RC plans (Plan- - Ele vation- section)
  • Fixture placements
  • CCTV layout- Communication layout- BMS layout